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America is in trouble, and the people know it. We sense that our way of life and, perhaps more importantly, our ability to decide how we shall live, is no longer in our control but in the control of an increasingly powerful and oppressive national government - a government run by people who simply do not share our values or our beliefs and blatantly ignore its limits.

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Exceptionalism or Arrogance

Just finished the first thought provoking chapter. I still cannot tell the difference between American Exceptionalism and arrogance.

Do we, in order to achieve a more perfect union, and to have civic pride, need to feel that, say, a Russian priest, who's predecessors both received the laying on of hands by those who can trace their laying on of hands to the Apostles, yet were executed in the millions by the Soviets (talk about the brave who gave up their life for what they believed Mr. Perry; it wasn't just US soldiers who have suffered and died), is just SOL just because he wasn't born or live in Texas?

How can we feel positive about how we experiment with moving forward in the 21st century via State rights not have to feel everyone else is a failure and has no ideas to bring forth and all that they can do is wait for us to figure out the smart way forward and then hope to copy us in some inadequate manner.

Being exceptional is one thing. Always believing one is exceptional is arrogance and can lead to poor choices. I hope we work towards being exceptional rather than believing we have arrived in all things.

And as far as the United States being the best institution on earth, I guess I disagree. As an Orthodox Christian, I say the Church of our Christ is the superior institution and was well before the US existed and will be long after the US is gone.

May His Grace shine upon America.


We need to amend the Constitution when it comes to spending

Why is it so hard to pass a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget? What is so difficult about that? Most states have that requirement. Why should the federal government be any different?

It's hard cause folks in DC can't say no.

John, the vested interests will fight with every tool in their tool box. The unions will pour tons of dough in to that fight because they control most of the fedreral work force and would lose a ton of dues paying memebrs.

And you have many democrat govenrors (and some gop ones) who like the fedreal dough for their pet projects.

Perry 2012

I just got the book, so I have not read the entire thing yet, but this man needs to run for President, if only to force other candidates to listen. Perry seems like the only politician who says anything real. Not just politically correct crap. I saw him on CNN tonight with Eliot Spitzer, and it's clear Perry ran circles around the fast-talking New Yorker. We need to radically shrink the federal government. Perry gets it.


How do we reconcile our American values regarding keeping illegal Mexicans, with our Christian values of caring about those that are less fortunate than us? They just don't gibe and it's unsettling to hear Republicans gleefully cheering for you because you are going to "kick out the illegals" - it seems like you are, or Republicans are, implying that Republicans don't care about the plight of poor people....women and children living in horrible conditions, terrorized by drug cartels, starving....this is not true is it?

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