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Something is Terribly Wrong

America is in trouble, and the people know it. We sense that our way of life and, perhaps more importantly, our ability to decide how we shall live, is no longer in our control but in the control of an increasingly powerful and oppressive national government - a government run by people who simply do not share our values or our beliefs and blatantly ignore its limits.

Closer to the People

State and local governments, by being closest to the people, bring out the best of both self-and representative government. When local government calls the shots, the people making decisions know how lives are affected on the ground, and leave maximum room for people to improvise and innovate without having to ask permission. There will be mistakes, there will be flaws. But I believe that in the end mistakes are minimized and less arbitrary when the person facing the actual problem firsthand is the person making the decision.

Washington Republicans Are Unwilling to Truly Fight

Our primary lines of defense against the tyranny of an expansive and meddlesome federal government are the states. But because Washington is unconstrained by a Supreme Court that largely ignores the Tenth Amendment and principles of federalism, we are left hoping that Republicans in Washington will actually fight for a limited, constitutional government. And therein lies a problem.

Federal Government Has Taken On Too Much

Because the federal government has inserted itself into so many aspects of our lives and into so many domestic responsibilities entrusted by the Founders to the states, it can no longer focus on the very duties assigned to it under the Constitution.

Supreme Court vs. Liberty

Liberty requires that we be able to decide fundamental questions for ourselves or through the democratic process rather than wait with bated breath every time the Supreme Court meets for the latest pronouncement on a matter of conscience.

The Court should be revered as the guardian of the rule of law and of our most basic founding principles. It should be particularly protective of our founding structure--a unique structure of dual sovereigns that placed power as close to the people as was practical so that the people could govern themselves.

Where Does it End?

Virtually every aspect of our lives is managed in some form or fashion by someone in Washington. The federal administrative state has become so far-reaching--having departments or agencies focused on energy, the environment, health care, food, drugs, guns, labor, education, and more--that it is almost impossible to know where it ends.

Too Big to Save

Empowered by the brazen abandonment of limited government under the New Deal and subsequent regimes, from the Great Society to the current administration, Washington is steering America down a path to destruction. The size and scope of the national government have exploded, and it is on the verge of becoming too big to save. While politicians refuse to discuss this issue, unless we reverse course, the government bonanza will soon cripple our country.

Federalism Today

For the years 2010-2011, our budget is just over $180 billion. Of that, 36 percent, or just $65 billion, is money Texans pay in taxes to Washington, and that is sent back with countless strings to tell us how to spend it. It includes money for health care, education, transportation, and countless other domestic programs not mentioned among those 17 clauses enumerating the powers of the central government.

Americans Want to Live Free

The United States of America is the only nation consistently referred to by its very structure. Indeed, when someone abroad says "the United States," or even simply "the States," most people know what is meant. This is so because our unique empowerment of states and recognition of their role in protecting liberty set the country apart from the beginning.

New Age of Liberty

I want to call for the awakening of that independent spirit on which the United States was founded. Let us work together to restore our founding principles, but also to retake the reins of government and chart a path forward for a new age of liberty in America.

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